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Numeric variables are variables that contain numbers and can be supposed to arithmetic opperations.

Numeric variable types Edit

  • The integer declares variables numeric variables whose value may range between -32768 and 32767. It is the most used type because in programming exercises the variables are usually not bigger than 32767 or smaller than -32768.
  • The shortint (short integer) variables can range between -128 and 127.
  • The longint (long integer) variables can range between -2147483648 and 2147483647.
  • The byte variables can range between 0 and 255. They are called so because they take exactly 1 byte of memory.
  • The word variables are less often used and can range between 0 and 65535. Word is usually used when you need an integer that will (or should) never be negative.

Operations with numeric variables Edit

a:=b+c;     {addition}
a:=b-c;     {decrease}
a:=b/c;     {division with decimals}
a:=b div c; {division without decimals}
a:=b mod c; {modulo, which is b-(b div c)*c}
a:=b*c;     {multiplication}
a:=sqr(b);  {square}
a:=sqrt(b); {square root}
a:=sin(b);  {sinus}
a:=cos(b);  {cosinus}

Also see operations with variables.